Looking Glass

BGP Looking Glass is a network diagnostic tool that allows you to test the connectivity between a specified IP address and one of our server nodes.

Any region
Select router location

How BGP Looking Glass Works

BGP Looking Glass is a special software that employs a globally distributed network of servers to inspect the route between the specific IP address and one of the selected routers (servers). The tool reveals routing information, allowing users to make rational decisions regarding network connectivity.

How to Run a Test

  1. Select the desired command: bgp, ping, or traceroute
  2. Insert the destination IP address
  3. Specify the router
  4. Click RUN TEST

Once a user clicks RUN TEST, the selected server will send a request to the given address and log all the events that occur along its journey.

Gcore Looking Glass can process IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. IP format validation happens automatically, so you can simply insert your address data into the field.

BGP Command

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) defines the rules for how servers and networks exchange routing and reachability information between one another on the internet.

The BGP command in the Looking Glass tool will give you information about all autonomous systems (AS) you will go through to reach the specified IP address from the selected router. Gcore Looking Glass can present the BGP route as an SVG/PNG diagram.

Ping Command

The ping command in the Looking Glass tool lets you know the round trip time (RRT) and time to live (TTL) for the route between the IP address and the router.

Traceroute Command

The traceroute command in the Looking Glass tool displays all enabled router hops encountered in the path between the selected router and the destination IP address. It also marks the total time for the request fulfillment and the intermediate times for each AS router that it passed.